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Temperature controller MIRK2290

Digital controller with microprocessor optimizing




  • The LED display allows easy monitoring of the condition of control zones and the characteristic at a glance
  • The newest technology of microchips with self-optimizing software avoids an input error (except set point)
  • Each control module is independent; no affecting connection or central power supply which may cause a total break-down of the whole controller

Temperature controller MIRK3695

The self-optimizing temperature controller
with production data display




  • Each control module has its own microprocessor and power supply

  • No central unit which connects control zones each other and brings them into direct dependence

  • No cyclic inquiry of each measurement point; therefore continuous information flow in each control zone.

  • Power supply unit can be controlled separately for individual capacity and voltage.

  • Discretionary voltage of heaters from 12 V.

  • Directly and freely changeable graphic and alphanumeric condition display for each control zone.

  • Directly and freely changeable temperature sensor type FeCo, NiCr-Ni, Pt 100 or Ni 100.

  • Soft-start by voltage reduction can be set by entering security code.

  • Temperature alarm can be set for the upper and lower limit separately and in 1C interval.

  • Self-explaining menu control of all inputs by pull-down menu and 6 key bad functions.

  • Specific input data for each form can be stored directly into the control module.

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