XINTECH Hotrunner - Friederich GmbH :: Pforzheim, Germany

XINTECH Hotrunner Technology

XINTECH Hotrunner Systems consist of standard components which are utilized world-wide successfully. The variety of the combination allows you to find almost unlimited applications. All surfaces of the material channels are specially treated. The systems are also insensitive to the most types of fillers. The control and optimizing units are matched to the process conditions and are compatible to the master systems. We stand by our customers with optimal supports such as a direct connection to our construction (CAD) or a telediagnostic service of control, optimizing and process data protocol systems. 


  • Production guarantee for a complete system application
  • delivery guarantee of spare parts and components for ten years
  • standardized wearing parts on stock
  • high availability for abrasive and aggressive materials
  • guaranteed material or color change without disassembling an cleaning
  • open or valve injection systems with direct, side or ring gates
  • internal, externally or internally/externally heated and controlled single or multiple cavity nozzles
  • Heaters with the optimal heat transmission and linear or progressive heat profile

Hotrunner manifold block

XINTECH manifold blocks are calculated specifically for the injected parts and the used materials; blocks are adjusted for each application. In order to balance the different thermal discharge of a mould, the temperature is controlled by two separate circuits at least.  The insulation plates all over the surfaces ensure the minimum heat lost and prevent the thermal influence on the surrounding sectors.


  • Optimum and proportional heat supply by sling heaters
  • Slight thermal loss due to the insulation plates all over the surfaces
  • Balanced and surface-optimized hotrunner channels  - also suitable for frequent color change

Construction of a hotrunner block 12-fold