XINTECH Hotrunner - Friederich GmbH :: Pforzheim, Germany

Multilayer Hotrunner System

The XINTECH multilayer hotrunner system guarantees a material distribution to the gate without any physical compromise.

With this new production methods, you can realize all conditions which have been gained by the Moldflow calculation into the channel of the material distribution net.  That means absolutely equal pressures and material distribution in the downstream injection systems (nozzles, pre-chamber, valve gate system etc.). Furthermore, there is no dead flow zone which can disturb material or/and color change (or even make it impossible).


By means of the layer technique even different heights to the injection system or to parting lines can be took into consideration. In order to prevent sticking of material particles or contamination on the hotrunner channel, all surfaces which come into contact with the plastic material are treaded by 3-step tribofinish.  The tempered surfaces are then coated by silicium-carbide absolutely homogeneously through electro-chemical way so that they are sealed and protected effectively even against abrasive influence at injection of materials with filler (e.g. glass fiber).