XINTECH Hotrunner - Friederich GmbH :: Pforzheim, Germany

Full-electrical Valve Gate Nozzle 

with variable stroke at 10µ accuracy

The advantages:

  • Absolutely suitable for clean room application
  • Controlled variability of speed and stroke of the needle
  • Adjustable angle of the needle at closing / opening
  • Segmental pre-chamber system for multi-components application
  • Ideal for cascade injection
  • The standardized drive module replaces hydraulic / pneumatic cylinder
  • The drive module is also suitable for electrical core pulling control

Valve gate system standard

Actuated valve gate system for multiple cavity moulds. All wearing parts can be reached from the moving plate side. The system is suitable for injection weight up to 3000 g according to the gate diameter.  Custom-made variations are available. The operation of the needle stroke can be chosen between pneumatic and hydraulic.