XINTECH Hotrunner - Friederich GmbH :: Pforzheim, Germany

Heating Elements for XINTECH Hotrunner System

XINTECH heating elements guarantee a flow channel of the plastic mass from machine nozzle to injection point without any thermal interruption. The special heaters presenting no "cold ends" enable even processing of delicate technical materials like PEI, PET, PES or PA66  under industrial conditions without compromise.

XINOX cartridge heaters

XINOX cartridge heaters fulfill all demands regarding cyclic temperature control of plastic materials. The measuring point with only 1mm diameter is placed outside of the cartridge heater, which means that the point measures almost exclusively the temperature of the flowing material. It ensures a steady temperature control also at a short cycle time. Thermal damages of standing material (which are usual in case of conventional cartridge heaters with a temperature profile that depends on the cartridge length) are prevented due to a) the special way of spiral winding and b) the absence of the so-called "cold ends".

XINOX ring heaters

The special insulation and the stainless cover ensures the minimum thermal influence on the mould plates. In case of an extremely long heating zone, a several ring heaters (if needed with sensors) can be brought into one compact heating element. The base material is break-proof and has a good thermal conductivity. 

XINHEAT sling heaters

XINTECH heating system; proved in rough daily use, reliable, easy maintenance. The thermal conditions of a well-balanced hot runner system are calculated for this system.  The heat transmission of the steel to be heated and the necessary heat quantity which varies during the process phases are took into consideration at the production for each application.
 XINHEAT guarantees a proportional, linear and energy-saving thermal control.